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Tips To Maintain The Air Conditioner At Home home tricks 

Tips To Maintain The Air Conditioner At Home

Air conditioners are an essential part of the home electrical appliances. Gone are the days when they were meant for luxury. It is very important to maintain the air conditioners. Like any other instrument, they also require regular service. To have a long air con life it is an intelligent operation is required. Choose the temperature settings sensibly.

It is not very easy to maintain the inner temperature so you need to be wise. Provide regular cleaning to the air conditioner unit and keep it with care. You can enjoy the long life and good results by proper maintenance of your air-cons.

Mentioned below are few tips to care the air conditioner unit

  • Keep the trash and debris away from air conditioner. Make it a habit of cleaning the area around the equipment clean. There should be no clutter around. Keep checking the condensers and fan of the A/C units. There should be no trash stuck inside them to utilise their potential. You can easily clean it yourself without any experts help.
  • The air conditioners should not be invaded by the live animals. It is very risky if they have animals with electricity and fan inside. Fill the holes if you find any near the equipment. It attracts the animals inside your home such as lizards or mouse. Keep the units grills and covers intact. No animal must enter inside as it is a tempting place for them to hide. Remove them instantly if you see entering them inside the air conditioner.
  • Do not plant the trees near to the air conditioner unit. Small grass may appear from the equipment. Initially it seems harmless but it can create a serious issue with the air conditioner units. Place the plants away from these units. Trim out all the plantation to keep away any issue with the air conditioners.
  • Before the summers clean the dust by the use of stiff brush. This must be done at least once in a year to keep the dust away from the fan and evaporating coil.
  • To get rid from the unpleasant air conditioner smell, use bleach. It always keep away the mold from growing inside the A/C units. The inner part of the A/C must be cleaned with bleach. It will also remove any kind of clogging. Such cleaning can be done twice or thrice in the year.
  • Before the beginning of summers use the air conditioner in full pace to check the functioning of all its parts. If you notice any kind of unwanted sound then check it or call for the professional. It is better to check it beforehand rather than waiting for the cooling season to begin.
  • Clean the blower filter of the air conditioner units regularly. Use the manual that comes along with the purchase of the A/C unit. If the filter is not the reusable then replace it whenever required.
  • The evaporator coil must be checked regularly. It must be free from dust. Use a brush to clean any dust gathering on it.
  • The air conditioner is not cheap equipment. The repair of the unit can cost huge amount. Therefore, taking precautions is always the best solution. Keep the air con’s health 100% fit. Take the help of professional service to have a regular check up. It must be done once a year before the cooling season begins. They can smell the small fault that goes unnoticed from the owner.

Regular care and cleaning prolong the life of the air conditioner unit. It works to its full potential without burdening the pocket of the owner.

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