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Pros and Cons of Carpets for Flooring home tricks 

Pros and Cons of Carpets for Flooring

A carpet is the most popular choice of flooring homes, and it represents the look of most living places. Using it wherever the room you like, it will make your home a more desirable and cozy place to live. When installed and cleaned properly, carpet will keep its beauty and durability for many years. But to have your house converted only with carpets also can create problems you will need to face in order to avoid greater troubles. In this post you will have a contrasted idea of the convenience of having carpets as flooring for your house, so you can decide properly on this matter.

Although carpets are very common in almost every lifestyle, the first fact you should know about them is that carpets are sometimes expensive. The cost will depend on the materials they are manufactured. You can afford a nice carpet for about $27 to $45 per square yard. And the materials also will have to do with quality and benefits (or problems) you could face if you use carpets for flooring your whole house.

With this in mind, let’s start with the pros first:

Carpets reduce the absorption of particles in the environment. Therefore, they are advantageous to people with allergies. It is wrongly believed that people who suffer from allergies and asthma should avoid installing carpets at home. Well, the truth is diametrically the opposite. Carpets trap dust and particles suspended in the air , facilitate the elimination of these elements through a daily vacuuming and therefore reduce the discomfort of people to dust and suspended particles in the air, while hard floors do not trap dust and cleaning a hard floor makes the particles fall back into circulation in the air, instead of eliminating!

Carpets contribute to saving energy. Carpets offer a thermal resistance to maintain the temperature in the environment for longer, which means energy savings (heating-air conditioning). Compared with cold floors like ceramic, laminate or wood floor, a carpet does not only help you to feel warmer, it also keeps the room temperature and eliminates moisture. By having a system of radiant floor, heating efficiency is much higher with carpet compared to a hard floor or floating floor and ceramic.

Carpets reduce accidents and care for joint falls. Carpets provide additional security compared to hard floors, especially for children, seniors and people with physical problems for walking. Carpets help to soften a possible falls. In addition, while walking on carpets, joints suffer less and reduce muscle discomfort.

Carpets offer the best cost-benefit ratio. Thanks to systematic improvements in production processes and technological advances in design and manufacture of yarn, carpets offer the best cost-benefit ratio of floor coverings. Carpets offer many benefits against the cost of acquisition and low installation and significant durability.

Carpets help with reduction of noise. Carpeting is also a good flooring choice if you want to minimize sound. This is why it’s good for bedrooms, as it reduces the sound of conversation, TV, and other noises from other rooms.

Now t’s time for talking about the cons of carpets:

Moisture problems. The more material in a carpet, the greater the problems from moisture absorption, staining, and mildew you will have. This is the reason why carpets are not a good choice for bathrooms, unless they are small and easy to replace. If a carpet is damaged by water or flooding, you really need to throw it out. Mold and mildew can develop in the padding and make you sick.

carpet and pets

Not good for having a pet at home. Although carpets are treated with stain guards, the chemical protectants won’t keep them unscathed against everything. Pets and carpets don’t get along with well. If a dog or cat urinates or defecates on carpet, the smell can be difficult to eradicate. If it happens a lot, the stink will linger at some point you won’t be able to get rid of it, and you will have to throw out the flooring (and the investment). With pets at home, think that hardwood floors, tiles, and resilient coverings will be the best options.

Now that you have important information of carpets, what would you prefer? Would you choose carpets or hardwood for flooring? Think about it twice before making a decision.

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