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Is It Necessary to Sterilize the Baby Bottles? home tricks 

Is It Necessary to Sterilize the Baby Bottles?

Sterilizing the baby bottles is one of the familiar tasks of all the mothers. Nonetheless, there are two opposite views on the necessary of this. Correspondingly, mothers can feel confused. Using the traditional method or the best bottle sterilizer to clean the baby feeding equipment is essential, right? Well, this article will provide the practical ideas from the community as well as the necessary scientific information for this issue.

What Do Mothers Say about Sterilizing the Bottles?

It is actually necessary to sterilize the bottles for babies, isn’t it? In Europe, the climatic condition is cooler and drier than Asian, but fathers and mothers in there are always recommended to sterilize the baby feeding equipment before using. It means that you don’t only do that once a day that if your baby is fed 5 times per day, you will also have to sterilize 5 times, based on the number of feeding your baby.

Let’s always remember “better safe than sorry”. The most worrying thing is diarrhea that the main cause is due to the poor hygiene. Correspondingly, the best is carefully kept your baby – prevention is better than cure. Although some babies don’t need to boil the bottle – no matter, others will be able to get colic if you aren’t careful. It is important for babies in 6 first months.

The sterilization is good unless you just need to ensure the general hygiene. Most people advise that ought to sterilize the bottles for babies under 6 months until they begin weaning. Nevertheless, not all mothers recognize the necessary of sterilizing the bottles. Importantly, you must make sure a general hygiene safety such as washing the bottle and your hands before preparing the food for babies.

It doesn’t need to sterilize the bottles. A couple of parents can be busy or lazy, so they miss the sterilization process of the baby bottles. According to some mothers, their doctor said that they didn’t need to sterilize the baby bottles even when he/she was under 4 months. They just sterilize the bottle at the first using time. Some others admit that they are lazy to do that. Time to time, they recognize like that – it is convenient.

Advice of the Expert

So, what is the true conception of the baby bottle sterilization? According to the majority of the pediatric specialists, sterilizing the bottles and the accessories related to feeding is necessary when the infants are under 6 months of age because the immune system of the babies is weak. Therefore, the newborn babies are easy to get digestive disorders if they drink contaminated milk. Aside from that, the polluting environment and the related accessories like nipples, pacifiers,…are a good place so that bacteria can grow.

Nonetheless, mothers should not worry because the now sterilization is easy when mothers can choose to use the bottle sterilizers – the steam or microwave model, depending on your need and preference. What a convenient it is! Particularly, if the mothers are busy, this will be an ideal solution. The sterilization time is less than an hour.


In brief, even though you are busy with work or any reasons, it recommends that you should also spend time a bit so as to clean the baby feeding equipment, especially, when he/she is under 6 months. It is known that the now sterilizing machine is useful and easy to use.

Consequently, mothers will be able to have peace of mind about time. It won’t take a lot of time of mothers. In fact, the sterilization should not last over 6 months because this can make her/his immune system is not trained to fight disease. Now, it is certain that mothers know what they ought to do.Go to my website and happy taking care of your baby enjoy!!!

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