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How To Keep The Home Secure From Intruders and Burglars home tricks 

How To Keep The Home Secure From Intruders and Burglars

Home is the best place in this world. It is important to have an abode that is safe place for its inhabitants. The homeowner has a responsibility to keep the members secured. Taking home security for granted can be dangerous. The security of the beloved ones must be the priority. Crime happens anywhere so it can happen anytime at home too. Trouble can enter from anywhere inside home. There are many things that must be kept in mind for keeping the home secured.

A homeowner must always work on improving the home security. The security check must be done periodically. You must make it a habit to examine home security and stay alert.

Home Security

Mentioned below are some tips to keep your home secured

  • Do not let any stranger get in by opening the door. Use the eye hole to check who’s at the door. In night one needs to be more cautious.
  • While stepping out from home do not leave any written note at your the door. The reason is that it can alarm the strangers and intruders. They will get a chance to enter the empty house.
  • If you are going out of home for few days then discontinue the newspaper or any daily home delivery. Piles of newspapers lying out would signal the burglars to break inside the house.
  • Keep your landline telephone’s volume low especially when going out of home. Continuous rings of phone will alarm others that home is empty.
  • Install fire alarms to protect home from smoke or fire and secure home from any kind of accident.
  • Install the cameras at least at the entrance so that you can track the people visiting in your absence.
  • It is wise to inform your neighbors if you are going away from home. Inform the reliable neighbors so that they can check your home time to time.
  • Place thorny bushes at the close to the entrance. This would stop unwanted people from entering the house.
  • Choose the install the locks t home carefully. If you are shifting to the new house then get the old locks changed to assure that no one has any duplicate keys.
  • Purchase a safe to be installed at home. Place all your valuables like cash, jewellery and important documents in that safe.

Apart from above mentioned tips, one must install the home security equipments according to the needs. The home security equipments are mentioned below:

Place security sirens

The security sirens help to keep the burglars away from breaking in. This is an essential equipment if you take charge of your home security without employing any security person.

Heat and smoke alarms

They help to detect the fire or smoke in house. Nowadays the building have it installed. If these alarms are not present then get them installed. They protect the owner and its members from accidents and save huge losses of property.

Motion detectors

Motion detectors are the security equipment that prevent the intruders from breaking in the house. The motion detectors are set near to the entrance doors and the window. The alarm is set off in case of the breach of the motion detector. While the purchase of these detectors check the sensitivity level.

Water and flood sensor

This is the sensor that is necessary for the people who live in the places that are close to sea, rivers etc. It is used to detect the high level of water that is more than the danger mark.

Home security is essential for the people staying in it. The home must be the safest place for its residents hence you must take care of your home security.

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