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9 Strategies for Cycling Faster outdoor tips 

9 Strategies for Cycling Faster

Basically, there are two common methods to make cycling faster, i.e. by pedaling harder or decrease the resistance. However, by making a few small changes, you can quickly degrade the aerodynamic profile and can go faster with your bike. Well, whatever type of activity you are biking, here are tips that are able to help your cycling better and faster.

9 cycling tips

Here are some simple tips for cycling faster

  1. Go for Ti (Change with Titanium): Replace all nuts, bolts with a kit made of titanium and it is a very expensive way to lighten the weight of the bike but many pro riders use this old trick to reduce a little weight without changing the power of the bike.
  2. Shop Skateboard: Try putting a little grip tape in the downshift lever RD. This will make the transfer to a lower gear growing steadily and rapidly. Do not forget to always wear gloves which help you not scratched on the thumb.
  3. Stack & Trim (Sort & Trim): Lower Handlebar will shift the point of weight to the front wheels and adds the capabilities of cornering (cornering ability). We recommend, try to reduce headset spacers under the stem.
  4. Wear Tight Clothes: So far, the easiest way to get faster is cycling with cycling clothes are properly cut and tight but comfortable for its users.
  5. Keep Bicycles Clean and Neat: Make sure your bike clean and tidy from the brake or shifter cable excessive or wires protruding from the frame.
  6. Remove the saddle bag: Remove the large saddle bags or use a more compact model or small.
  7. Use Fast Helmet: Although not a free solution by using a new helmet can get two benefits, namely better protect the head and can be faster with the equipment.
  8. Stop Packing: Many riders who started cycling in the morning with a jacket with a zipper and then open it in the middle of the cycling. After being tested in a wind tunnel, it turns out can add up to 10 minutes.
  9. Use Bicycle Appropriate Size: By measuring the professional bicycle can make you more comfortable and efficient pedaling and make you find a comfortable position for a long period of time. It also can handle other things like tracking knee. If the knee bent while pedaling then you can increase the range of frontal effectively.

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